Day 7: Learning To Knit

Knitting. Synonymous to other words such as “Grandma”, “old-fashioned”Tonight, I tried to learn how to knit. Notice the input of the word ‘tried’. I decided I would  make something simple, like a pot-holder. My mom, once again the teacher, had me pick out some yarn. I was deciding between three colors. Two were more “kitchen”-ish, one a burnt orange, one a green. The other was a tie-dye in shades of purple. The purple yarn was the kind that has wavy bumps in it. While I was all set on picking the orange yarn, my mom suggested going with the purple because it matches her kitchen (which seeing as how she’s probably the only one who would keep my pot-holder, I figured this made sense). So purple it was.

She started telling me about different knitting needles and stitches, showing me examples of her work and which needles and stitches produced the different ones. I think knitting is really so fascinating and It’s crazy to think that you could produce you entire wardrobe by hand! Well, I couldn’t, but my mom could. In fact, she’s practically knit my nephew an entire wardrobe already!

So she showed me how to first “cast” the yarn onto one of the needles. This is basically…..well, honestly I don’t know how to explain it, it just is what it is and it gets stitches onto the needle so you can actually begin knitting. I was a pro at this part and because the rest of the process went down hill, I am going to milk this moment for all it’s worth. My casting was awesome! I did it so fast and smooth if you looked at me you’d be thinking, “man, I’m putting my order in for a sweater, this girl can knit!” But like I said, after the casting, it went down hill.

I was one row down, and what felt like a gazillion more to go, when it happened. I don’t exactly know what “it” was, but something went wrong and my stitch was messed up. I decided to ignore it, hoping the knitting fairies would fix it on their own because they liked me. That was a bad idea. One row later, and the fairies kicked me in the butt. I was now looking at a mass of jumbled up, knotted yarn, wondering what the heck happened. When I showed it to my mom, I felt like a 6-year old boy bringing in his mom’s teacup that he broke. After looking over my knot, her thoughts echoed mine. What in the world did I do?

We decided (ok, I decided) that I should stop the knitting then and admit defeat. But stopping, she told me, required finishing the edge. She proceeded to show me how that went, but I got lost and asked her to show it to me again.  And again. And again, until she realized that she soon would have it finished herself, and made me take over. I was so glad to finally put down the knitting needles and be done with the project. It was driving me crazy. (This tension could also have been due to the fact that I was anxious to see the Bachelor later that evening and didn’t want knitting to stand in me way.)

Well, my mom’s kitchen might not get a pretty, purple pot-holder. But who knows, maybe she can use it as an apron charm.

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6 Comments on “Day 7: Learning To Knit”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    An apron charm—what a novel idea. ;) good for you for trying!

  2. Susanna Says:

    Okay so Sarah you need to stop quitting things because they aren’t working… I know your blog is about trying new things and not becoming accomplished in any of them But… I feel like what’s the point in trying if you aren’t even going to finish your project!!! :) I would have loved to see a “pot holder” that was all knotted up :) by the way how long did it take you to make the little charm thing? I miss you!!

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      Nice, trying to call me out:) But it’s a fail! The whole point of these new things is to learn about what I like and don’t like, and what I’m good at. Some things I’m going to be continuing, and every month I’m going to be putting up an ‘end-of-the-month report’ type thing, which I’ll say what I’ve been continuing, what i liked and didn’t.
      oh, and the only thing I didn’t really complete was the pot holder. and surprisingly it took me almost an hour to make that piece of crap!! haha

  3. Susanna Says:

    oh and what are you going to do next?

  4. […] you hear what I’m saying? Fastnacht-making was an epic fail. Probably my biggest fail since Day 7: Learning How To Knit. And it gets worse. When I covered them in powdered sugar and tried one… it was gross. […]

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