Day 4: Bake An Apple Pie

Today, I felt so accomplished. I baked an apple pie from scratch (even the crust!). I don’t know why I’ve always thought an apple pie was so hard to make and such a process. I mean, I guess it is a process, but when you have a sister or best friend (or a sister who is a best friend!) sitting in the kitchen talking to you, it goes by really fast and is really enjoyable. My sister, Deb, was the one to help me with this project. Although I had a recipe I was following (which yes, I am quite a good baker and can handle a recipe on my own, thank you very much), Deb gave her experienced input (as did my mom via phone) on how to make it the best.

Overall, the process went smoothly, with only a few glitches. The first one came when, after making the pie crust dough, I read that it had to chill for 4 hours or overnight! Sorry,, but that was not happening! (I thought I was being such a rebel not heeding this direction, but Deb said that the chilling process isn’t a necessity- which apparently is true because my crust tastes amazing:). After the crust came peeling and cutting all the apples. I hate peeling apples. I’d rather peel a potato than an apple. Not saying I like that either. I’d actually prefer peeling a carrot-so easy! But anyways…Deb and I discussed the best way to cut apples. Deb likes hers in longer pieces- thin, but whole apple slices.  I thought I liked mine cut up a little more in smaller, square-like pieces. However, if you buy pre-made apple pie filling in the store, they are apparently diced up really small. So here is a question for all of you readers: How do you cut up your apples for your pie and what do you find is the best? (You are more than welcome to comment on this post and reply)

My apple mixture tasted wonderful and caused me to reminisce about the days when I would come home from school and my mom would have a huge bowl of cinnamon-covered apples waiting to be put into a pie. She’d always let us have one, but then when she wasn’t looking we’d take five more:). Times that by five (five daughters) and you have 25 apple pieces missing. No wonder her pies were lacking on filling! (Just kidding mom, you make the best pies- speaking of which, can you make an apple cake soon? OK, Thanks)

The next glitch came, again, with the crust. Because my dad can’t really eat the pie the way I was making it, and my mom and I wouldn’t eat one ourselves, I made two smaller pies. One would be for us (so I could taste-test) and the other for our neighbors. I split the crust dough in two and started rolling them out. For some reason, no matter how much bigger I made the bottom crust, It was never big enough to have extra on the sides! So when I put the top crust on, I didn’t have any bottom crust to pinch it with around the edges. Not that I would’ve been able to pinch it had I had the extra, because apparently I don’t know how to make a decent, finger-pinched pie edge. I’m just going to say that that isn’t true and it was because my crust was too small. I’m sure, had I enough crust, I could make a decorative edge to rival that of Giada! Anyways, this is another good reason to have someone in the kitchen with you. Deb saved the day and worked her magic and my crust edge soon looked like something out of Paula D’s kitchen. The second pie, the one for us…well let’s just say that crust didn’t even have a chance to look good on the edges. To make up for the ugly crust edge, I decided to put a design on the top of the crust. Which ended up looking like crap. I tried to cut two hearts, overlapping, on the top for Valentine’s Day. Yea, what a bad idea that turned out to be. It just looked like a mash fest on top of my pie.

My pies went in to bake and like any normal child (yes, I’m still a child at heart), I was ready with a knife the second they came out to try them. Fortunately, my mom convinced me to wait a few minutes to let them cool. Finally, I cut into my pie, and MMM it was good! Ok, so I probably should’ve put a little more flour in the middle so it wouldn’t be as runny, and I now know I would rather my apples diced up in smaller pieces. But, overall, it was a success! And let me tell you, this was a much-needed break from my last few disasters (see days 1-3).

Isn't my sister beautiful?

The pretty pie, on it's way to the oven.

Tomorrow, I’m going to learn to play the violin!

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7 Comments on “Day 4: Bake An Apple Pie”

  1. jim hegedus Says:

    I like long sliced apple piecces.

    So if you are learning violin tomorrow when are you learning trumpet from me?

  2. Hiliary Says:

    so much fun! my mom and i taught my older sister how to make an apple pie, and the story was definitely similar! when we cut up the apples for our pies, we use an apple corer/peeler so the pieces end up fairly thin and then we cut them into quarters, if not smaller so i’m with you on the smaller pieces of apples! so fun, keep up the good work and good luck tomorrow with the violin!

  3. Geri Says:

    I am going to make an apple pie next week, first one EVER! I am not a baker, would much rather cook, my Mom is a phenom at baking anything and especially apple pies, and my kids are always asking me to learn. NOW is the time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. becksulli Says:

    can’t wait to try it, save me a piece pleeeeeeease!

  5. Lisa Hanner Says:

    I cut up my apples the way Deb does. I don’t know why, just the way I learned, I guess

  6. Awesome that the crust turned out good…and definitely agree that it’s good to have helpers in the kitchen.

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