Day 1: Cross-Country Skiing

Cross country skiing.  It should be called “the art of the awkward gazelle” because that’s exactly what I looked like. Over the years I’ve watched my mom glide smoothly across snowy surfaces looking as if she was one with the snow and the long needle-like skis that attached her to it. I always wanted to learn but past struggles were always ready to dissolve that desire. The only previous experience I’ve had close to cross country skiing was years ago when I learned down-hill skiing and had to make it from the bottom of the trail to the ski-lift across the flat surface of snow in my skis. Let me tell ya, those moments would never have earned me an Olympic gold. Come to think of it, they rarely even earned me a seat on the ski-lift seeing as how I usually had trouble making it there.  But, because my mom always tells me, “It’s much easier because of the different skis and actually quite fun”,  I decided I’d try it.

So today was the day. Me, being the genius that I am, had to choose a day when we have a winter storm warning. I could’ve changed my activity, but I was secretly hoping the sleek, icy surface on top of the snow would serve as an aid in my attempt to glide gracefully across it.  So my mom brought out her cross country ski equipment (the shoes were pretty stylish, I must say) and proceeded to show me how to clip into the skis. This, what you would think would be a simple step, turned out to be the first difficult task. I couldn’t get enough pressure on the metal clip in the front to get it into the ski.

Some sweet shoes. Think I could wear these in public like people wear bowling shoes?

With the help of my mom, I was finally secured in both skis and ready to go. She gave me some simple instructions about lifting my heel and making sure the skis didn’t cross, and yada yada yada.  Now maybe with only a few inches of soft snow, cross country skiing might be easy and fun. But, it definitely wasn’t all that easy on a good 12 inches hardened by rain and time. Every time I would “glide” a ski forward, it sank into the snow. I was now skiing in skinny, deep tracks, losing my balance every time my body tried to go to one side or the other while my skis stayed in the tracks. The best part was when my skis started angling towards each other (I really had no control over what direction they went because of these deep tracks they were forging) to the point where they started making one track side by side and would then cross, causing me, again, to lose my balance. Fortunately, I can say I only fell once from these occurrences. Unfortunately, because I kept having to slow down due to a loss of balance, I never really got into the gliding motion. Instead it was a sort of a bobbing up and down with my arms sticking straight out trying to utilize the poles for balance.  Hence, the awkward gazelle.

Although, even an awkward gazelle seems to be enjoying its awkwardness. Me? Not so much. It was so tiring! I was tired after about 2 minutes! Because you’re not going downhill, your skis aren’t being pulled by gravity. But it’s harder than running, because your legs are attached to two long pieces of plastic. You know that feeling when you’re doing lunges? It’s that “If I were standing It’d be so easy, and if I were on one knee it would be so easy. But because I’m in the middle of both, not being able to just stand or kneel, my muscle is torturing me” feeling. Yea…it’s kind of like that. You can’t just run, but you can’t slide either. Not my favorite thing, I can tell you that. However, my mom, bless her heart, told me I was going fast and doing well, and was taking  pictures. You know-being the cheerleader moms are required to be (and the cheerleader my mom actually is- her school past-time is still a part of her today). But I know the truth- going back and forth in my tracks was nothing short of pathetic. I looked pathetic. Heck, I even felt pathetic.  I’ll have to go out another day and try it again. Who knows? Maybe there is still hope for me to improve.  Maybe.






Tomorrow I’m going to use a sewing machine.

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4 Comments on “Day 1: Cross-Country Skiing”

  1. blondiy0212 Says:

    hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….I love the pics! I bet mom liked this blog :)

  2. Kyle Says:

    Isn’t this your backyard? Haha.

  3. […] the mirror. The mirror, for the first half of the lesson, was not encouraging. Remember when I went cross-country skiing and looked like an awkward gazelle? Well at least it was in the privacy of my backyard! During the […]

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