And so it begins…

Time truly does fly. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was trudging through the snow thinking this would be a fun blog to start. That was a month ago. When I first came up with this idea, I had planned on doing it for a whole year. A whole year! It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago, after I had started compiling a list of things to do, that I realized I was in over my head trying to think up 365 of them! You would be surprised at how hard that is. If only I hadn’t lived the privileged life I’ve had thus far. I would have had so many more things to add to the list ;).

Anyways, I was really excited about this in the beginning and now that I’m on the eve of the first day, I’m even more excited! But I’ll tell you- I wasn’t always this enthusiastic. My enthusiasm got a kick in the face and was then plummeted into reality when I told my dad. I don’t know about your parental situation, but in my house, my dad is the realistic, practical thinker. Not that it’s a bad thing. I love my dad and never doubt his love for me, but because he loves his family so much, he always makes sure we are living in reality, so as not to get in over our head and end up hurt.  Like when I told him about my idea for this blog, ready for him to share in my excitement. His response? “This project is going to be harder than you think. I’ll be surprised if you actually complete it.” Ok, so those weren’t his exact words, but after 22 years, I’ve gotten good at reading between his lines.  Now, I had obviously come to this conclusion myself many times (another reason my number of “something new” days got slashed in half to 181). Yet, up until that point, no one else had actually spoken my thoughts out loud. Hearing them come from Mr. Practical was the start of a couple of anxiety-filled days during which I seriously doubted my desire and ability to go through with and complete this project.

Yet, I chose to reject those negative thoughts and in the end, my dad’s comments only strengthened my resolve. Now, I’m not saying this won’t be difficult. Next to my feeling of excitement is also nervousness and fear. Because I love to write and learn new things, some of the days ahead of me will be so easy and fun. But I do not doubt that there will be days where I am reluctant or tired and racing the clock and my checking account balance in order to complete this project I am about to begin. I hope that you will share my excitement for this blog, but will also be patient with me.

And so it begins. The next 181 days of my life start tomorrow. What am I feeling? I’m not too sure. What am I thinking? This could get interesting…

Tomorrow I’m going to cross-country ski.

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